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The following comments have been submitted to us through our website from known Cambridge citizens. We have uniformly decided to publish only the responses and not their names.

Pushed out Volunteers

I really appreciate all the work you’re doing to share this information. It’s unfortunate that so many community members have NO IDEA what’s gone on with EMS specifically in the last 8-10 years... let alone the last 3-4. We’ve lost so many lifelong volunteer EMTs (who lived and worked in Cambridge) because of poor management by the EMS Director and the inability of the fire commission to open their ears and eyes to past volunteers. Volunteers who were pushed out to make room for “FULL-TIME” EMTs. This station expansion is another cherry on top of the make believe sundae that the EMS Director, fire commission and others want to serve the Cambridge community.

Hard to get correct numbers.

I really appreciate your website and the information you are providing. It is hard to get the correct numbers. The fact that the operating budget for the fire commission went from $300,000 to almost $1,000,000 in less than 3 years is mind blowing. And to add insult to injury, the EMS has joined the union and want to become full paramedics is going to make that $1,000,000 look like chump change!


Does anyone know what the cost to the surrounding Towns would be if the Village of Cambridge were to opt out of the fire/ems?

Shared services

Is there a possibility that Deerfield would share services with Cambridge in the future?

Thank you

I appreciate that this information is being shared.

What is Phase 2?

What is phase 2, and does the fire station get free water and sewer?

Let's take a pause

I definitely support the fire and EMS department, and the valuable first responder's who support our residents. But I cannot support the scale of the proposed fire/EMS building for a community of our size. Let's right size it for the near-immediate future, not supersize it for the long-term unknown future.


Cambridge is out of land to grow, therefore our population will either stagnate or have very little growth in the next twenty-plus years. The current population base cannot afford an additional $150.00 - $300.00 increase in their property tax bills, each and every year.


Moreover, I believe the amount of money budgeted for the building ($6.5 Million) is a very conservative number, considering the increased cost of building materials over the past 12 months. This number needs to be reevaluated and adjusted before any referendum takes place.


Let's take a pause, reassess our immediate needs and come up with a financially responsible building design.

Please share this information

Please continue to put this information out there. Some of us are not able to share it ourselves.